–> First South American eminent mycorrhizologist award.

Our First South American eminent mycorrhizologist award was awarded on 3 November 2022 to Dr. Fernando Borie, Researcher at the Department of Agricultural and Aquacultural Sciences, Faculty of Natural Resources, Catholic University of Temuco, Chile, for his 1980`s pioneer contributions in the country and continent regarding the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis, its effects on P nutrition, and because of his impact forming dozens and dozens of mycorrhizal researchers across several countries.

–> Student Awards given during our II Symposium:

With the support from the New Phytologist editors, Marc-André Selosse and Maarja Öpik, the organizing committee of our Second symposium in Bariloche (2019), awarded the following awards:
Best poster presentation: Maria José Dibán, for her poster entitled “Forest type effect on ectomycorrhizal diversity: differences in fruiting patterns between a juvenile and a mature Nothofagus forests in La Araucanía Region, southern Chile“.
Best oral presentation: María Isabel Mujica, for her presentation entitled “Seed plant families with diverse mycorrhizal states have higher diversification rates“.