Here is a list of publications as a result of collaborations among our Members, directly related to mycorrhizal research in the South American continent:

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  • Mujica, M.I., Bueno, C.G., Duchicela, J., Marín, C. 2019. Strengthening mycorrhizal research in South America. New Phytologist 224(2): 563-567. PDF. DOI:
  • Godoy, R., Silva-Flores, P., Aguilera, P., Marín, C. 2017. Microbial Interactions in the plant-soil continuum: Research results presented at the Workshop “Mycorrhizal Symbiosis in the Southern Cone of South America”. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 17(4): 1-3. PDF.
  • Bueno, C.G., Marín, C., Silva-Flores, P., Aguilera, P., Godoy, R. 2017. Think globally, research locally: emerging opportunities for mycorrhizal research in South America. New Phytologist 215(4): 1306-1309. PDF. DOI: