Working group: “Mycorrhizal traits of native South American plants”

• Collect mycorrhizal traits of plants (type or status) of own or published data for native South American plants.
• Include geographical distribution information.
• As a first step we want to expand MycoDb (response of plants to mycorrhization) with the inclusion of literature published in Spanish or Portuguese referring to South American biomes, and expand the representation of plant phylogenetic groups (eg: Non-vascular plants, pteridophyta) and mycorrhiza types (eg: orchidioid, ericoid, etc) in the database.

Group activities:
– Compilation of information on mycorrhizal traits.
– Coordination and execution of activities and opportunities for joint work (eg: workshoops, face-to-face or online training courses).
– Lead independent work groups focused on the creation and validation of data subsets of the proposed objectives.

If you want to join the working group, send an email to Jéssica Duchicela (Ecuador):

Or to C. Guillermo Bueno (Estonia):

Current members of the working group:

Jéssica Duchicela, Diego Francisco Granja Ruales (Ecuador), C. Guillermo Bueno (Estonia), Agustina Cottet, Natalia V. Fernández, Sonia Fontenla, Monica Lugo, Ileana García (Argentina), Fabiana Pezzani (Uruguay), Maria Isabel Mujica, María José Dibán Karmy (Chile), Jadson Moura (Brazil).