Welcome to the South American Mycorrhizal Research Network!


The South American Mycorrhizal Research Network is an horizontal scientific community directed towards the progress of mycorrhizal applications, research and public outreach in South America.

Imitating mycorrhizal networks, which can occupy hundreds of hectares, hopefully this network will cover the entire South American continent and extend abroad. The main activities of this network include: events organization (symposiums, workshops and so on), diffusion of news and opportunities on mycorrhizal research, and connect local research groups with the hopes of stablishing join research at the regional scale.

Being mycorrhizas such a complex and dominant symbiosis, we hope this network integrates students and researchers from all biological sciences areas. Your participation in the building of the network will make us stronger and more connected.




Longitudinal section of Lactifluus sp. (ectomycorrhizal fungi) on unidentified root, from sandy soil in Florianópolis. Courtesy of Maria Alice Neves.